Sacramental Program

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Sacraments are sacred community events, which remind us of the role of the community in our faith life. Parent involvement in sacramental preparation is crucial in shaping the values and attitudes of each child. Knowledge is not the key factor for parents but faith and a willingness to spend time sharing with their child is an important element. The family is the place where a child's real education in faith occurs. What happens within the family shapes the child's appreciation of God, the Church and the child's encounter with God through the Sacraments.

As a part of the Sacramental Program, teachers prepare students through the programs. There are seven holy Sacraments, three of which are celebrated during a child’s primary school years.

A Sacrament is a special sign of God’s presence. Sacraments are God’s gift to the church and it is through these Sacraments that we fully become members of God’s family.

The Sacramental Program at OLOL School includes the following:

  •  Year 2 or 3 - First Reconciliation
  •  Year 3 - First Eucharist
  •  Year 5 or 6 – Confirmation

Preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist (First Holy Communion) and Confirmation is a partnership between the school and the family. While preparation for these Sacraments is school based, there is an expectation that parents play an active part in this preparation by attending sacramental information nights, commitment masses and sacramental workshops.