Getting to School Safely

Road trauma is the leading cause of death and most frequent cause of hospitalisation among children in Australia. Getting to and from school safely is our priority.

Teach your child/ren to Stop. Look. Listen. Think.

Walking, riding or scooting to OLOL with your child/ren is a great way to start the day and begin to expose children to local traffic conditions and reinforce road safety. At road crossings, reinforce school lessons by asking your child/children to:

  • Stop one step back from the road
  • Look in all directions for approaching traffic
  • Listen in all directions for approaching traffic
  • Think whether it is safe to cross the road – when the road is clear or all traffic has stopped. When crossing, walk straight across the road. Keep looking and listening for traffic while crossing.

Be wary at pick-up and drop-off times

Keep everyone safe at busy times at OLOL by:

  • Respecting the speed limits and parking signs around the school.
  • Remembering children do unpredictable things – they may not be aware of you so you need to be aware of them.
  • Letting your child/children know that if you are late picking them up, they should stay at the office, until you arrive.


Speedy Drop Off Procedures: 8.30am - 9.00am

 There is no parking at all in the front section of the school on Wynnstay Road until after 9.00am. This is the speedy drop off area

  • Drivers are asked to remain in their cars
  • Staff will supervise the drop offs helping children from cars, collecting bags and ushering them into the school gate etc
  • Students then go directly to the top playground where Mrs Walsh is on duty
  • If you would like to accompany your child onto the playground, please park your car away from the designated drop off section and walk with your child into the school
  • Supervision on the playground is from 8.30am. Prior to 8.30am your child must be booked into before school care with Extend

Speedy Pick Up Procedures: 3.30pm - 3.45pm

  • No parking in the designated pick up section directly in the front of the school on Wynnstay Road. This is the speedy pick up area
  • Students to be picked up will come to the front of the school and wait for parents
  • Speedy Pick Up is available for those with small children or babies in the car and grandparents
  • When a parent/carer pulls up, drivers are to remain in their cars and staff will help the student/s into the car with their bag/s
  • Please drive right up to the curb so regular traffic can pass you safely
  • Once your child is in the car safely please drive off allowing for the next car to move up into the pick-up section
  • Please DO NOT make a U-TURN from the drop-off/pick-up zone into the driveway of the homes opposite the school. If you need to turn around so that you are not faced with trying to get out onto Orrong Road we ask that you drive off down Wynnstay Road over the children’s crossing and then make your U-turn
  • ‘Speedy Pick up’ operates from 3.30pm to 3.45pm. You do not have to be at the front of the school at 3.30pm sharp. There is a 15-minute window in which you can arrive. We are on duty and provide this service right up to 3.45pm
  • If you are running later than 3:45pm, please ensure you have arranged for your child to go to Extend and let the Office know.

Bicycles and Scooters

Students are permitted to ride their bikes and scooters to and from OLOL, please note that it is a legal requirement to wear safety helmets. Students are required to walk their bikes and scooters to the bike racks upon entering the OLOL grounds and leave their bike or scooter there until home time. We have two racks; one on the East side of the school for students entering off Wynnstay Road and one above the Passive Play area for students entering off A’Beckett Street.

The school gates are locked during the school day, however the school accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen bicycles, scooters or helmets.