Buddy Program

The purpose of a buddy program is to support a smooth transition for children starting school.

The Prep students are partnered up with students from Year 5 and 6. The Buddy Program aims to:

  - support transition into a new learning environment for the younger students
  -  builds relationships between peers and multi-aged groupings
  -  provides activities that develop essential social skills
  -  encourage leadership, responsibility and respect in older students
  -  enables younger children to feel safe and cared for, while older children feel valued and respected
  -  fosters a sense of whole school community.

Being a buddy is important as we need to learn how to be responsible and how to be a great leader to the school. Later in life, we may become leaders in our work or even our country.      Alex

When the new student starts at school the older buddy helps them make friends and shows them how to behave. If the younger buddy is feeling upset or has no one to play with, the older buddy can cheer them up. Being a buddy to the younger students of OLOL is important because the Prep children have a role model to look up to.          Nicky

Being a buddy is important because I can show the new Prep students around, help them feel safe and I can make new friends too.      Jamie